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21 December 2012 @ 12:00 pm
Hello there!
I use this journal to spazz over kpop stuffs and write my own fics & stuff, so yeah nothing too personal's gonna be looming around here because I do that over at another journal :)
I'm open to making friends, yes more so than ever, because my major exams are finally over & done with, which means I have plenty of time to do other things like reading/writing fics. 3 cheers, seriously. -silently screams a hip hip hurray.

I've only tried the Dongbangshinki fandom so far, & you can read them here if you want --> List of Fics

I'm gonna start crossing to the SHINee fandom as well soon, but not until I get over the fact that I've been cringing over my past fics when I re-read them recently.

Uhm, I don't know how to end this, so I'll just say, DBSK hwaiting, & SHINee jjang. >:)


Fics are now posted at [info]crumpledcones  :) Please refer there! Thank you for everything so far :))) -big hug
07 March 2012 @ 01:35 am
I'm terribly agitated by the JYJ scandal & I still trust in JYJ.

Here're my thoughts in my personal lj account: http://goldpaperclips.livejournal.com/57283.html

08 December 2011 @ 05:03 pm
Okay. This morning when I was looking through the newspapers for more updates on the European debt crisis, I happened to chance upon an article in the Life section which was titled "I hate Kpop". Adeline Chia, the lady who wrote it, elaborated on how she felt it was like a "cult-like culture", where all the entertainment companies have formulated the creation of their artistes down to a T & so on.  She went on to describe that the songs were a pain to her ears because of how they were infused with Gaga-like beats, auto tunes etc etc and yeah, basically content that really, really irked me. 

I've always said this & I'll say it again - I really despise people who discriminate the korean pop fandom just for the sake of discriminating it. If we can respect the interests, hobbies or even past times that other people have, why can't others do the same? Honestly. Saying that kpop is stupid/dumb/a talentless cult-like culture etc is clearly overexaggerating things, and that only makes you look like a shallow, clueless and unknowing individual. Understand that what I'm gonna write below is based on what I respect about it and not just in response to her article but kpop in general. Everything has flaws, which is why I'm not trying to say that Kpop is godly, or that everyone should love it and throw themselves into the whole Hallyu shit - that, is obviously not what I'm driving at. All I'm saying is to respect people and their love for Kpop.

1. It's an interest in another culture. First off, I'd like to clarify that it's just an interest just like any other interest easily understood (by dumb people, even). For instance, it can be an interest in soccer, in Gossip Girls, in Harry Potter, or even blogshopping. Some people say Kpop is not just an hobby; it's an obsession. I wouldn't go ahead and fight that because clearly, there is a thin line between having a major interest and an obsession. Some people are so obsessed with blogshopping that they are there stalking the pages every time the page owners declare that oh, we're gonna launch a new collection at this xxx time. They may find themselves feeling extremely disappointed (insert self-hate/loathe/negative feelings) that they did not manage to get that particular dress or top they want within the first 3 minutes of the collection's launch. They also spend every other day in between their studying time (or whatever it is) browsing through the profuse number of blogshops online. You see what I'm driving at? There are many things that people are obsessed about but they do not realize that is becomes self-consuming as well. Stop pointing fingers only at "stupid kpop". Let's move on to soccer. Many guys are willing to sacrifice hours of sleep, get up in the wee hours of the night, risk looking like shit even though they may have a major presentation or meeting the next day, just to watch a soccer match which they may claim is extremely exciting or important in the season's league. Some even use Excel to calculate the odds for their soccer bets. We don't tend to criticize this, but why do these people try to majorly put down other people's interest in Kpop? Even if it's a so-called obsession, so what? Get this right - Please learn to respect other people's interest. 

2. "THEY FLOOD TWITTER LIKE MAD JUST RAMBLING ON ABOUT THEIR CRAZY, FAKE KOREAN IDOLS!" So what about those times where my twitter/facebook/tumblr have been flooded by posts about Arsenal and Chelsea and Manchester United? I'm not interested in what you have to say about those matches, seriously, but I do not put them down. I laugh it off and go on about how cute it is that everyone's raving about it, then I start getting excited about it, & I don't mean it in a sarcastic sense. Learn to respect others. Afterall, all these social spaces are meant for freedom of expression as long as they do not violate the integrity of other people. If you abhor it because the pain goes deep into your bones, you can always unfriend them on Facebook or unfollow them on Twitter. Nobody's forcing you to bear with that itch in your ass/fingers, you know?

3. "Kpop's just really stupid because their artistes are talentless. They're all produced in the same way, marketed in a way to drive their pop culture into the heads of silly dumb people." People who say things like that are either really insecure about themselves, or they are so jaded about everything (for God's sake) that they refuse to see good in other people. How do you define talentless? Performing abilities can either be borne talent, or they can be trained and refined. Many of these kpop artistes have gone through so much in the early years of their lives to dedicate their all into training to their very best so they that they can present the best side of themselves to others. Who are these haters and trollers to judge them and disapprove of their efforts in pursuing their dreams? Saying that they're talentless can be way too harsh. Some American and Taiwan artistes (don't get me wrong, I listen to all genres of music equally) get to debut within a year of training. Most korean artistes go through at least 3 or more years of training. This dumb "formula" which these people claim is used actually refers to the tiring, gruelling and extensive training which the trainees are being grilled through before they can even be considered good enough to debut. They may not be the best, but why are trollers discriminating other people's efforts? People who discriminate Kpop offhandedly are just unable to see past everything and at the blood and sweat these people have poured into chasing their dreams. There are certain idols whom I respect not just because of their awesome stage performances, but also because of the spirit, passion and effort behind the scenes. Take for instance TVXQ. All of them worked their asses off to get to what they are today. Jaejoong grew up poor and even had to sell his blood at one point in time just to be able to feed himself. He worked his ass off to pay for his own training at SM, sacrificing and learning so much about relationships and family along the way. How is this "stupid" in any sense, you tell me? Why can't some people just see past all that glamour on the surface? These are people who have given their hearts into pursuing their dreams. Marketing is all part of it, why don't we just accept that and look past it? Many, many things in life are marketed in some way or another, if you take a moment and think about it. 

4. "It has no originality - everything's just autotuned, Lady Gaga-like, ripped a little from here & there, then pieced together" Do you even know what inspiration means? It means that you hear stuff from various sources, then try to come up with something yourself. If you're gonna say next that "oh, they basically rip stuff so there aren't any new ideas"....well, all I can say is Hallyu goes back a long way to even ten years ago. SM Entertainment, for instance, was formed than more than a decade ago. TVXQ was formed 6-7 years ago. Where was Lady Gaga at that time? Did she even exist? Hell no. I love her and her music, but to say that korean pop's just a rip off from her songs is just absolutely Bullshit with a capital B. What's wrong with coming up with music that people appreciate and gravitate towards? Gaga songs, which are heavily popular, all sound strangely similar. Even my favourite Adele or even Dashboard Confessional - they all incline heavily towards a certain genre. There's nothing wrong with that right? So what's up with getting so riled up about Korean music, which is claimed to be horrendous and horribly repetitive? Just to let you trollers know, there exists a wide variety of genres for korean pop. It's not our fault that you're so...myopic, for a lack of a better word.

5. "It imposes unrealistic ideals on the youths these days" C'mon, we all know that this criticism exists for all kinds of popular culture, so don't try to use it solely to attack Kpop alright? I understand that this is a real and existing problem about kpop, but hey, what if these stars were horribly ugly instead? Then all ye haters are gonna turn the other way & say "Oh dear, how do people like that even become stars?" You see, it's not possible to please everyone. I mean, you're entitled to view kpop in your own way, but there is absolutely no implicit need for people to be so vile about it. 

I can't believe I wrote so much shit just because of a stupid newspaper article. I understand that people can dislike kpop - heck, why should people even bother about something which doesn't even strike them? All I'm begging is for people to look beyond the surface before being so vicious about things like that. To put down other people's interest as "cult-like" is being way too judgmental and crude. All I know is that it reflects badly on that person as an individual. That said, I understand that there are some kpop fans who are seriously overboard - they live and breathe it like it's their life and become so delusional because of it. These are the minority, however, and I do not think it's fair that you're labeling the entire lot as a cult just because of the black horses. It's as stupid as saying that the entire fleet of horses is lousy, insane or siao just because one of them has mad horse disease or something. Alright, I'm going to stop writing this and go read about how H & M admits to using computer generated fashion models...then transfer ebooks into my Nook. 
10 October 2011 @ 11:50 pm
I am so frustrated & devastated I am going to cry.
23 November 2010 @ 08:39 pm
 I don't normally talk about things as controversial as this, but I feel like I have alot to say about the North & South Korean tension this time round.

My thoughts on it Collapse )
15 October 2009 @ 10:54 pm
Title: Your hair against mine
Genre: Romance
Length: One-shot
Summary: Sometimes, all you need to get you by is your love by your side. Bad days and crap don't mean anything when they're with you, because they'll make you see only them, none of the rest. 

Ah, I'm alive! -does a booboo dance. Still, I'm counting down to the 20 over days left to the damned exams. So I'll go hibernate after this one. Hope it wasn't too awkward, cos I feel like I've lost my muse. :(


He had never understood how it was possible for one to feel contented being squashed up against a stained window, in a jerky, crowded bus filled with the putrid smells of faded perfumes and colognes from the countless number of working people; until now.
Yes, it had totally been a terrible day, what with him being caught in a thunderstorm that practically rained witches & black cats, then missing lunch because of a nearing deadline, and his favourite band's new single being sold out in the racks even though he was pretty damn sure that he had requested to make a pre-order the other day.
Yet, all Yunho could feel now was pure bliss and relief for all the bad things that'd accumulated throughout the day, for he was now rewarded with a gift that could redeem all that crap he’d gone through.
Jaejoong, his best-friend-turned-boyfriend, was now pressed up snugly against him in the bus, silky strands of bangs hanging lightly over his forehead. The angel had scooted closely to him just then since some strange, creepy man seemed to be leaning too closely for comfort amidst the squashed up stream of commuters. Yunho had then quickly wrapped his arms protectively around his boyfriend; I mean, he had absolutely every reason to secure his boyfriend from any kind of ‘invasion’, right?
“Yunnie-ah, I’m sleepy. I can’t wait to get home and lie down on our new bambi bedsheets,” Jaejoong pouted, eyebrows knitted slightly as he felt another wave of exhaustion course through him.
“Don’t worry, baby, I’ll let you sleep on my shoulder, we’ll reach home soon,” Yunho replied warmly, bringing his arms tighter around the smaller frame and coaxing him more cozily into his chest. 
In his comfortable, soothing embrace, Jaejoong had quickly fallen asleep, his head leaning conveniently against Yunho’s as he rested his own hands on the latter’s lap. Yunho hadn’t expected it at all, and was stunned when he felt the light pressure resting against his own head. Well, you’d think that he would be used to this sort of things, but it was undeniable that Jaejoong still gave him butterflies with every intimate action they shared. Jaejoong still managed to make him fall head over heels time and time again, over and over again, but it was something he’d never get routinely sick of.
Yunho’s heart started to beat faster, but he was slowly relishing in the feel of the silky strands rustling smoothly against his as Jaejoong shifted slightly in his sleep. He closed his eyes and let his senses take control, because with Jaejoong, he needn’t learn to feel. It would all come natural to him. 
He loved the smell of his boyfriend’s hair, because even though they used the same kind of shampoo, he always thought that the apples smelled fresher on Jae’s strands. He loved how the sideburns of hair on Jaejoong’s face would tickle him slightly, and how Jaejoong would purr softly in his slumber. He loved the feeling of satisfaction in knowing that the strong man was willing to lean on him for support, because he wanted to be nothing less than a pillar of strength for his Boo.
 Most of all, though, it was the kind of tranquility that nestled in him that made him feel as if he could live in bliss for eternity, with the peaceful Jaejoong in his arms and in deep slumber. It calmed him, filled every fibre of his being with contentment and strength, because sometimes when you’re in love all you needed really was the assurance that your loved one was with you and belonged to you. Only you. 
Not caring about what the other passengers would think, Yunho intertwined his fingers tightly with Jaejoong’s, then pressed a soft chaste kiss on the beautiful man before regretting that he now had to wake up the man since they were to alight soon. 
“Boo, wake up, we’re heading for our home soon,” Yunho whispered tenderly against his boyfriend’s ears, before proceeding to neaten up the the loose strands of hair falling over Jaejoong’s face. Jaejoong smiles fondly at Yunho’s affectionate and caring gesture, and Yunho once again is captured by the smile emanating from the ethereal beauty.
‘Days like that should last,’ Yunho thought, because even though days could be filled with the worst shit unimaginable, it was simple moments like that that tied everything together in a perfect bow.
With the prettiest ribbons printed with hearts too, not to forget. 


P.S: sigh, this was ultimate fail. i'm so frustrated, i'll try harder after my exams. just let me know how awkward it was? +__+
29 September 2009 @ 02:11 am
summary: because even though you're no longer here with me in this world, i'll keep your love safe and aglow, memories and all complete in the package.
a/n: it's been almost 4 years but i still miss my grandma so fucking much & i've been thinking alot about her. felt the need to really write something like that even though i've always hated death fics. so bear with me, an emo unglorious angsty idiot. (:

Jaejoong missed him so damn fucking much that it hurt.

He didn't feel happy, didn't know how to feel happy, and couldn't ever feel happy as much as he tried to. How was it possible to tell himself to move on, when his heart could never have enough strength to let go?

To let go of something that you once built your life and soul upon? Of something that meant the entire world to you; the one that rained sunshine on you through the darkest weathers of your days, the one who carved rainbows in your skies when the colours merely fell like snow, & the one who drew smiley faces over your sad ones on paper, lips and frowning foreheads?

Jaejoong didn't need any condolences, white lily wreaths or any of those empathizing stares because for one, none of them could bring Yunho back.

Yunho, the angel whom the upper heavens had called back on much earlier than anyone else his age should have deserved.

"Baby," he whispered lightly, breath taken along with the wind, and then he crumbles before the cold stone, words indented almost in a mocking, glaring way, reminding him of the presence that was lost and could never suffice ever again.

"It wasn't supposed to be like this," he cries without a sound, his heart weeping haphazardly in quick erratic beats with the tears it bled. 

"I could never leave you even if you asked me to! If anything would happen, it'd only be possible if you were the one who stopped loving me. So stop accusing me, you silly boo! I should be questioning your love for me instead!" Yunho argues with Jaejoong, wrestling him onto the bed and reprimanding him with the faked, chiding squints of his pearly eyes.

"Hmph, that's what you say. I'll kill you if the reverse ever happens!" 

"Yah, I shall shut you up in the cleverest way possible," Yunho won and stood as the last man laughing, before he silenced the trapped Jaejoong in a gentle, heated kiss.

The memory of that now painful conversation coursed through his mind and he could only crumble further at the cruelty of fate, the cold-hearted whore that twisted his life into such a terrible knot. He couldn't believe that this love he cherished with all his might was taken away from him in such a flash, gone in a blink like a red string snapping into half without a warning. 

"Baby, remember the hand-knitted glove you wanted for your birthday? I'm almost done with it, it's sitting in my drawer waiting for you to claim it, so why won't you just come back?" clutching onto the rim of his black shirt, another wave of sobs wracked through Jaejoong's body again.

He remembered vividly how Yunho, after spending days of struggling on life support to sustain himself since the fateful accident, had spent his last few breaths with him. Their hands were intertwined tightly, Jaejoong furiously battling the onslaught of tears that threatened to spill, as Yunho assured his love for the other man, mouthing the same 3 words repeatedly with the little strength he had left.

And it hurt Jaejoong to remember about the dry playfulness Yunho had possessed even then, as he drew a tiny heart with his fingers over the fogged glass window next to the hospital bed, complete with the letters YJ within the shakily drawn shape. Yunho's eyes shone like fireflies, lit up in their special beautiful ways, before they gradually lost themselves and Yunho was gone

Yunho had told him to find someone new, to find someone who could take care of him in future, but Jaejoong thought it impossible. How could anyone be able to replace Yunho, the one who had filled and marked his heart wholesome? 

Jaejoong placed the box of white roses he had folded in the past 35 days of mourning before the grave, and as he knelt down, he said a silent prayer within him. 

Yunho-ah, my Yunnie, my one and only Yun, I'll never stop loving you, and you can blame it on me but I'll never change. I've kept your love & you'll always have mine, & I'll work hard for my future till the day I get back with you again in the next world, where we can be together forever. 

Like fireflies in a jar that shine, Jaejoong swore that he'd keep Yunho's selfless love within his heart, and trusted that it'd guide him through the tomorrows without him.

Till the day the light that emanates turns out and into nothingness, he made himself believe that everyday would mean one day lesser to get closer to Yunho; because the time that the aglow is to be lit all over again would be when it could set itself in flames all stronger and wilder than before, possible only when he could see Yunho again.

Again in that next world. 


This was relatively short & I don't know what I'm writing anymore because I feel so messed up after the terrible exams, complete with all these tumbled emotions. So if you've gotten here, thanks for reading. -inserts smiley, thankful face
23 September 2009 @ 06:25 pm
seeing clear (drabble challenge: water)
jaejoong/junsu, pg
100 words
jaejoong/junsu's pt of view, up to you

she splashes water onto you for the fifth morning, in the midst of your swiss cottage dreams, woven with the one man she disapproved of.

son, what good is there in him? he’s incapable and unable.

what? you’d think those words would be the last you’d choose to describe him.

people think you don’t see clear, but they don’t know how he had already cleansed them pristinely with your own tears, touching you deep within with his untainted love.

because in any streaked sunset glow or twilight, you’d declare that his imperfections, physical and all,
were perfect in your eyes. 

a/n: i'm a bit screwed up in my head after 2 exhausting exams tdy, sigh. anyway, i never knew 100 words was this short. hope this made sense! -crosses fingers
22 September 2009 @ 05:24 pm
Title: Losing myself for love
Genre: Romance
Length: One-shot
Summary: It's a rainy day, and Jaejoong thinks about his love for the man laying just right behind him, after a night of love making. 

A/N: I've been on hiatus, and probably will continue for long after this one. A levels are so freaking near & it's scaring me. I'm completely stressed by exams... Ohwell! I just really wanted to write something, so here it is. Written in present tense. (:


    Because in the time frame that I lost myself in

the world that existed in my eyes

only had me & you.


When Jaejoong sits by the curtained window and watches traffic pass on the wet Sunday morning, he doesn’t hear the thundering of the distant clouds, nor the immense honking of the impatient cars caught up in the forever congested roads. All he hears, resounding continuously in his ears, were the sounds of last night – when he made love with the man he treasured, when he surrendered himself whole – body, mind and soul, to that one person.

His face lights up in a shy yet content smile. He curls up closer to himself, blushing, and pulls his knees beneath his chin, hands sliding under the quilt stained with evidences of their pleasure. His gaze drifts off into the distance, and he becomes inundated in his own world of thoughts, just like always.

A few moments of silence pass as he’s still wandering along his memory bank, and this time when he regains his gaze on the window, he doesn’t see the cars anymore.

He sees the reflection of the man lying just behind him, on the bed, glowing in some sort of mysterious yet alluring fashion amidst the pellets of rain drops fluttering across the window. The moving drops have no effect on the beauty of Yunho’s form,  and even as the rain grows heavier and hits harder on his window, he still sees the reflection clearly.

And he began to understand the meaning of unbridled love. Of how he could still make out Yunho’s form so distinctly on such a meaningless piece of surface, because this never happened before until he met someone like Yunho. When it was truly love, it was possible for him to see him just anywhere, as long as he wanted it, because in his world, he could only see the two of them.

He turns towards Yunho, and in a sudden gush of love, he quickly slides in next to his warmth, snuggling closer to him. Jaejoong places a light, fleeting kiss just over Yunho’s eyelids, his lips still lingering above the area just between his nose bridge and shut eyes. When he pulls back, he sees the other man’s eyelashes flutter slightly, but they remain shut.

Yunho-ah, did you know I fell in love with you in that moment just a year ago? From what you’ve told me, I got into an accident after our graduation dinner. When I woke up, the first thing I saw were you holding my hands tightly in yours, your head just next to mine, and you were asleep, but your face was tear-stained. You looked so beautiful, and I just knew that my best friend was so much more to me in that instant.

Jaejoong creeps over Yunho’s body and hovers above him, then lowers slightly just enough to kiss him on his nose. He hesitates a while, before pecking him lightly on his luscious, opened lips. He chuckles slightly to himself at Yunho’s unglamourous sleeping face. He watches the chest rising and falling in tandem with the soft, soothing breathing of the man lying beneath him.

“Joongie, I’m not drunk! I still want to play truth or dare…do you dare to continue playing with me? I would own you for sure, I know!”

Jaejoong shook his head at the man speaking incoherently, before feeling someone pulling him with a sudden force. He lands straight in front of Yunho’s face, hazel doe eyes widely opened in shock at the close proximity of the two.

“If I dare you to kiss me….would you dare? Joongie? Because I shall try it with you now…” Yunho closes the gap between them slightly and Jaejoong shuts his eyes tightly with fear and anticipation, but feels nothing. He realizes Yunho had completely knocked out, and couldn’t help but laugh at how pabo his best friend was. Calming his pummeling heart, he shook his head after that close shave.

If Yunho had kissed him then, he was sure they’d never be the same again.

“Yunho-yah, I should have kissed you that night. Then we wouldn’t take this long to get this far now,” Jaejoong mumbles lowly, before continuing with his plan to wake Yunho up. He attacks the ear seducing for his attention, nibbling them gently between his teeth before sucking the lobe, giving it a few wet licks before he hears a light groan.

“Yah, joongie. Are you out to get me hard so early in the morning?” Yunho mutters while stretching slightly, then realizing that he was completely trapped beneath Jaejoong. A certain Jaejoong who looks so beautiful at the moment, a certain Jaejoong who is…hard.

“I love you so much, baby,” Jaejoong replies softly, his tone completely opposite of the possibly lustful him at the moment. He stares deeply into Yunho’s orbs, and the both of them still, their eyes speaking of love in a million languages and expressions, comprehensible or not.

They love each other; they really do. And they weren’t going to care whether those who discriminated them understood or not.

Without saying anything, Yunho tugs at Jaejoong’s waist and reverses their position, him trapping Jaejoong now before engaging their caverns in a fiery kiss. Bottom lip tugging at Jaejoong’s upper one, he slides his tongue over it to nudge his mouth to open, and their tongues starts battling for dominance. He then slows down and kisses Jaejoong’s jaw, before moving lower. His mouth sucks gently on the sensitive area on his neck, leaving the man trapped below squirming in pleasure.

Yunho pulls back slightly and is satisfied with the mark he leaves on Jaejoong  - this man is his. Forever and more, and nothing is going to change that.


          Because in the space that exists between them

                                                                love speaks for any kind of wrong, correcting them into a million rights

So there, hope it was fine. (: Comments are appreciated.

05 September 2009 @ 11:11 am
Title: Secret behind the eye cover
Genre: Romance
Length: Vignette (570+ words)
Pairing: Yoochun/Junsu
Summary: Yoochun loves wearing eye covers, but why?
A/N: First attempt at Yoosu, because I think they're adorable. Comments are appreciated. (:


Junsu doesn't know why Yoochun always, always has to wear the damn eye cover before he sleeps. For one, it looks absolutely disturbing because of the gay-looking colour, and also because he knows Yoochun fakes sleep with it sometimes, and it gets exceptionally annoying when he needs Yoochun's help with something.

Last week, while he was trying to fix the Transformers figurine a fan had given them, he had gotten stuck. 

"Chunnie, can you please help me with this? I can't seem to get its arm in the right place!" Junsu whined slightly as he plopped himself on Yoochun's bed next to the unmoving form, tugging slightly at his arms with his two hands, as if he was a kid trying to uproot a carrot from its roots.

"Mmmmpph. I want to sleep," Yoochun had replied groggily and lazily, but he sounded awake enough for the other to know he was not completely asleep yet.

"Yah! Stop faking sleep, chun! Wake up & help me," he tried pulling off the purple eye-cover and shook Yoochun slightly harder. 

"Please, Chunnie? You are so handsome!" Junsu pouted after getting no response.

Inside, Yoochun was cringing insanely. Not because he thought Junsu was irritating, but because he could imagine just how adorable the other man looked right then, trying to garner some help and then sticking out his bottom lip cutely if he didn't get what he want. 

Hell, that was the reason he'd even decided to buy those eye covers in the first place.

For many nights, he'd found himself watching the irresistable, bubbly man late into the unearthly hours, observing how Junsu looked so serene, pure and untainted with worries while deep in sleep. Watching the man gave him some sort of strength within, and it made him feel contented, fulfilled and all the more, it made him feel like loving again.

It was when he realised he was losing so many hours of sleep while keeping up with his habit of gazing at Junsu from his own bed just a few metres way. He had began acting slightly cranky, what with the man jumping on him, hugging him from behind and sending his heart pounding at millions of miles per hour, and the crazy scheduling of activities the band had in line.

To keep himself alive, he had resorted to the eye cover - to stop himself from looking unabashedly and unendingly. It was bad for his health (even though he secretly thought that loving Junsu fuelled him to live through each dull, routine day).

"Chunnie, you are so mean. You keep ignoring me these few days!" Junsu finally said after a few moments of silence, with a few hints of hurt and disappointment lacing his voice. He then slowly crept away from the bed, only to feel Yoochun snatching at his wrist abruptly.

"I..i..sorry Su, I'll get up and help you now, okay? Did you say something about fixing some, hand?" he had removed his eye wear and looked pleadingly into Junsu's eyes.

"Yes! I always knew Chun was the best!" he wrapped his arms around the other's neck, before squashing him into a tight hug, chuckling and giggling like he just received the best Christmas present on earth.

'Heck,' Yoochun thought, 'this man is too adorable.' If he was going to lose a few more nights of proper sleep, so be it. Caring for his love was more important, wasn't it. Whoever said that eye covers were 100% effective? They definitely weren't when used to stop one from keeping his mind away from another just by covering what he could or could not see.


So there, I'm done. (: Hope my first yoosu was fine!